Business Intelligence-Driven Planning,

                                     by Deb Dietz


Unlock the full potential of your strategic planning with this two-hour Masterclass. In this intensive session, you'll discover the power of business intelligence tools to transform raw data into actionable insights. Learn how to collect and analyze disparate data sets, extracting key learnings that will inform and enhance your strategic decision-making process. By mastering these techniques, you'll gain a competitive edge, ensuring your strategies are data-driven, precise, and impactful. Join us to elevate your business acumen and drive your organization's success with intelligence at the helm.

Meet Your Instructor, Deb Dietz

Deb Dietz is a seasoned and certified data scientist. She has years of experience in collecting and analyzing data, identifying key insights that help inform the creation of strategic plans. She has developed proprietary processes that allow her clients, and her students, to gather large volumes of internal and external data and extract key learnings that can have a transformative impact on generating profitable growth for their business.

I want Deb to teach me how to gather and analyze information that can help me grow my business, for $99

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