The Ticket Booth of Entrepreneurship

Available to anyone interested in the journey of entrepreneurship. In this free podcast, we discuss the SPARK that drives some to pursue business ownership, how they overcame the fear of getting on the ride, how they picked up speed, put their hands in the air and didn't lose their minds, and the track ahead - buying their ticket for the next ride.

Meet Your Instructor, Deb Dietz

Deb is a seasoned strategic business planning executive, holding executive leadership roles in Fortune 200 corporations. She has held leadership positions in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Strategic Planning. Deb started her company, SMB Value Partners, Inc., 9 years ago as a management consulting firm. The firm has since expanded into education technology, and SMB brings world-class onlineĀ  business education to entrepreneurs and small-to-midsized business owners. SMB has added to their business/entrepreneur training courses by adding a portfolio of skills building courses in the health and wellness industry. In this podcast, Deb shares thoughts about the journey of entrepreneurship. Listen to see what is meaningful to you as you enjoy your own journey. What was your spark? How did you overcome the fear? When did you begin to enjoy the journey, and what is next for you?

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