About Us


SMB Digital Education, a division of SMB Value Partners, Inc. offers both consumer education (B2C) and business education (B2B) in an online format. Partnering with subject matter experts in business, health and wellness, SMB Value Partners, Inc.  helps them to develop their online training courses, hosting their courses on SMBs eLearning platform, and leveraging their digital marketing expertise in generating awareness, and revenue, for these experts. The videos from the courses are duplicated and also offered on SMBs business partner's media platform, FuturesNetwork.TV making the videos available on a subscription or pay-per-view basis. Subject matter experts work with SMB as the online courses and video-on-demand capabilities offer two new revenue streams for those experts. It's a way for experts to generate passive income, leveraging their intellectual property.

​Deb Dietz is the CEO of SMB Value Partners, Inc. and also a Founding Partner of Global Innovation Educators (GIE), LLC., an Education Technology company that offers onsite, virtual (2D) and virtual reality (3D) learning experiences.  Those learning experiences are in support of entrepreneurs all over the world, helping them build business management skills that position them to raise capital to start, scale and grow their businesses. The inaugural conference, VC LatinX, had more than 1,000 attendees from over 25 countries, far exceeding the target of the 6 Latin-speaking countries of Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Columbia and Argentina. VC EuropeX was held in late October, 2023 with attendees from 46 countries and with now over 34,000 in the conference community. GIEs global conferences will be held four times per year in 2024 and include VCLatinX, VCEuropeX, VC Asia/PacificX and the VC Middle East and AfricaX conferences. Course creators have an opportunity to speak at these events and share their expertise while also promoting their online courses and video-on-demand (VOD) channels. 

Deb is also the host of two TV Talk Shows on Futures Television Broadcast Media, RokuTV and AppleTV. She is the host of  "Ask Deb About Business".  Broadcasting live to over 600 million subscribers, Deb speaks with subject matter experts about business - challenges, revenue growth, risk, solutions, best practices and more, taking questions from a live, global audience. She also is the host of the TV Talk show, Ask Deb About Health, helping people build health literacy skills to successfully find and access care, prevent certain health conditions, communicate their needs to their health-care team, and make informed decisions about their health. Deb invites subject matter experts on the show to discuss health and wellness-related topics.

Deb has an MBA in Marketing and Business Management, and is certified in Data Science from Johns Hopkins University, and Organizational Leadership from Northwestern. She is a member of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and a former member of the Chicago Board of Directors, a Regional Leader of NAWBO Chicago North Connects (Lake Forest), and winner of NAWBO Chicago’s 2019 Member of the Year. She is also a former member of the Northbrook Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors.

Deb is a champion and growth advocate for small to mid-sized businesses everywhere, helping them bring their expertise to the world via online learning. She is also an advocate of bringing supplemental online learning from 'cradle-to-grave' -  offering online training courses on Pregnancy to Parenting; courses in 3D - games  - that address reading and mathematics learning shortfalls to children around the world; to teenagers, teaching them life skills; to business owners and entrepreneurs teaching them business fundamentals; and to Seniors, their families and their care-givers, teaching them about well-being, elder-care, death and dying with dignity. 

Deb can be reached at ddietz@smbvaluepartners